Apple Inc

Peak Perfomance

Product Launch

Apple work at the vanguard of creativity. We partnered with them to develop an original artwork designed to propel our creative practice forward to new levels of complexity and detail.

Working collaboratively, we created a concept that reflected their boundary-pushing ambitions, by combining speculative industrial design with fantastical environments and complex simulations.

The artwork was used by Apple to communicate themes of technical performance when launching their new Mac Studio desktop computer.

The concept centered upon a futuristic prosthetic hand design that needed to feel experimental and unexpected in both its form factor and materiality. We moved through multiple rounds of design before arriving at a solution that felt appropriately evolved and exciting.

Alongside the hand design process we developed two fantastical worlds for the viewer to explore. The environments needed to feel complex, detailed and surprising whilst also providing an interesting contrast with one another. They also created the context for detailed water and smoke simulations to take place.