Nike – HOI Football

In-Store Campaign

We were asked by Nike to conceptualize and create a film to be displayed on a spherical LED installation in the front window of the House Of Innovation store in Paris. The film was split into 3 chapters, each one telling a different story of new Nike innovation.


The first innovation was for the new Nike flightball, a revolutionary football design 8 years in the making. We decided to create a digital pin board, combining various layers of imagery including wireframes, heatmaps, air flow data, and 3d modeling captures in order to visualise and capture the designer’s process of reduction and refinement. 

Phantom GT

The Phantom GT is a new Nike football boot that has a special generative pattern printed onto its fabric that grips the ball for better performance. We told the Phantom GT story through expressive, gestural imagery and vector fields to mirror the generative design process that informed the innovation.

FFF 2020 Vapour Match Home

The final innovation is for the FFF kit that includes a new generative pattern on the inside of the fabric. We drew from heatmap data, raw software environments, and cloth simulations to expose tension driven data that communicated the technology behind the new shirts. We also expressed the reaction-diffusion pattern in various ways, experimenting with different scales and mutations to drive vertex map data and manipulate 3d geometry.